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I am professor at the Department for Information Science of the Szechenyi Istvan University (Hungary, Győr). My research extends to information engineering methodology, business process re-engineering improvement methods so far as to the operation research and decision making but as a professional hobby I am interested in history of computing and I am also involved in spreading digital culture. I have got MSc degree in economic sciences with specialization of applied mathematics and also in computer science. For having developed a wide used BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) methodology adapted for the Central and Eastern European business cultures I got the Ph.D. degree. I have a nice family with three children and seven lovely grandchildren whom I spend wonderful time with playing and traveling together!


The main focuses of my research are developing effective software and information engineering methodologies, benchmarking methods for the Best Business Practices, analyzing the information technology's influence on the business processes. The topics of my research work appear in the different subjects of my educational work. 


The professional bodies and the information science community, the students acknowledge the results and the commitment with several awards.


I developed applications and directed several national and international projects for improvement of computer aided systems in the field of human resource management, production information and control systems (inventory control, RPS, shop floor control etc.), hospital IS (patient and diagnosis management), solutions for traffic problems of big cities (signal-controlled traffic-optimization) such as planning business continuity systems and disaster recovery processes. ORCID: 0000-0001-6934-6366



I'm very much eager to do volunteer work in order to make jobs for different local and international IT professional communities, to spread information culture, to give opportunities for having information about the newest technologies. To fulfill this internal pressure I joined to several professional bodies where I am not only a member of them but I also undertake different positions. 


to spend my favourite free time is to travel around the globe, to observe people living in different countries different environments and culture and to "document" the most wonderful views of mine on photos organized I publish.  As I am fond of the nature, the wonderful white scenery though  I usually go skiing as a passion for slipping down the slopes.

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