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In the field of software and information engineering methodologies I have already more than four decades research and development experiences. During these years I worked out case studies and design patterns not only for the students, but also effective methodologies for the developers. This research process resulted several books, book series and booklets for practicing.


that discusses the most important issues of software and information engineering development technology. It summerises the significant paradigms, methods and techniques, tools and also the methodologies that have been and are useing during the development process. 


This book was published on the occasion of 50 years annyversary of Computing. This Springer book overviews the half century of the computer history and contains interesting stories from the pioneers such as Prof Wirth, the developer of Pascal.


The series Object Technology contains four different volumes:

  1. The first volume deals with the paradigm of the object-oriented methodology and gives a comparison of the different well-known OOAD engineering technologies. The OO terminology becomes understandable by the demonstration of a library information system development process.

  2. The second volume is a user guide of the UML modeling language (first standard version) and the RUP unified development methodology. The way of applying a unified language and the two-dimensional development methodology is presented by patterns of the software development process in a computer assembly company.

  3. The third volume describes the characteristics of the Rational Suite supporting family, and gives a detailed description of the Rose'2000 CASE tool. The greatest benefit of the book is the development case study, which presents the tasks and solutions of an application development process on the example of a computer aided Olympic Games System (namely the Olympic Games organized in Athen, Greece, 2004). At the development process there have been taking part two young assistants: Katalin Kovacs  and Daniel Toth. 

  4. The fourth volume is a user guide of the new modeling language standard, UML 2.0 

Series of


I developed applications and directed several national and international projects for improvement of computer aided systems in the field of human resource management, production information and control systems (inventory control, RPS, shop floor control etc.), hospital IS (patient and diagnosis management), solutions for traffic problems of big cities (signal-controlled traffic-optimization) such as planning business continuity systems and disaster recovery processes.


Series of theory and techniques for DECISION MAKING 

As I am an expert in applied mathematics , I am interested in different optimization solutions that are applied in the field of economy. I took the initiative into existence the series of decisionmaking. 

The series Decision Making contains three different volumes and one booklet for practicing.  With the excellent work of some experts in this field (e.g. Zoltan Ferenczi, Zoltan Nagy, Attila Jambor, Balint Hirko)  I was not only the editor but one of the co-authors of these books treating academic questions and showing case studies.

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