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I developed applications and directed several national and international projects for improvement of computer aided systems in the field of human resource management, production information and control systems (inventory control, RPS, shop floor control etc.), hospital IS (patient and diagnosis management), solutions for traffic problems of big cities (signal-controlled traffic-optimization) such as planning business continuity systems and disaster recovery processes. I often take part on nationwide and international conferences, where I present my newest scientific results. The most important themes are the following:


  • One focus of my research activities constitutes the information systems and information management. In this field I published already many books and workbooks (see publication list) that are very useful not only in education but also for developers, software engineers. These books (e.g. Information System Engineering and Management, the Volumes of Information System Design Series; see the list of published books)  fill the gap arising on the expert book market in Hungary, as there are not any other theoretical or practical publishing.


  • I developed the RTEBP re-engineering methodology for the enterprises of Central and Eastern European countries. In order to achieve effective enterprise improvement this methodology suggests to follow the most up-to-date concepts such as enterprise component modeling , object-orientation and unified modeling language  I have also authored several referenced papers on engineering methodologies, on object technology as well as on my survey-analysis about the society and the key-role of the higher education in the global information society (see the concerning publications).


  • As I am dealing with the different solutions for the effective business processes I let appear a new book-series, named "Successful Solutions for Managers" . The first two volumes of this series are dealing with the business process re-engineering methodologies (BPR: Business Process Reengineering, RTEBP: re-engineering methodology for the CEE cultures). The third volume, the "BCP Business Continuity Planning" deals with the designing tasks of the prevention, preparation and recovery process for the whole business environment and also for the information infrastructure, this was at that time the only book in this topioc in Central Europe.

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