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  • Oeuvre-Award for the lifelong, committed activity  2020

  • Acknowledgement for the Effective Activity resulted in Education and Pedagogy 2013

  • IFIP Internal Service Award, 2010

  • IT Award 2006: for the Activity performed in the Field of the Hungarian Information Technology; an Award of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication donated on the Occasion of the National Holiday 15th of March

  • The Best Professor of the Year 2005; in the Field of IS

  • Professor Award 2003

  • John von Neumann Award 1999

Publication Awards

  • 2001: for the book of Objects in Business Modeling - the Concepts and Methodolgy for the Object-oriented Software Development Process

  • 2000:  for the book of RTeBP Re-engineering Methodology  - User Guide for Developers

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