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I am professor at Széchenyi István University (Hungary, Gyõr) as an expert in information modeling and IS engineering methodology, in business process re-engineering improvement so far as in operation research and decision making. I have developed a wide and successfully used BPR methodology adapted for the Central and Eastern European business cultures. The methodology is copyrighted under No. 99220002T. As an acknowledged expert in information science I was taking part on several conferences, I have published papers and books. I play very active role in scientific and professional public appearance: I am former vice president of John von Neumann Computer Society (2000-2006), founder (2000) and now the chair of the Scientific and Educational Forum for Business Information Systems (SEFBIS), chief editor of the SEFBIS Journal, Hungarian representative (NR: National Representative) and from 2010 honorary secretary of IFIP and also Hungarian NR in TC8 Information Systems Technical Committee, secretary of Enterprise Information Systems Working group (WG 8.9), member/chair of several International Program Committees (e.g. IRMA, ISBIS, SM, IDIMT, CONFENIS conferences). In recognition of my activity I was awarded by the „John von Neumann Award” (1999), two Publication Awards (2000, 2001), „Master Professor Medal” (2003), I became “IT Professor of the Year” in 2005, received an Award for activity performed in the Hungarian Information Science (2006). ), “IFIP Internal Service Award” (2010) and. More detailed information about my Key Qualification, Jobs, Skills and Experiences, Membership of Professional Bodies, Awards, Other Skills, Interests and Scientific Works can be found in my CV.


Used abbreviations:

BPR: Business Process Re-engineering; 

SEFBIS: Scientific and Educational Forum on Business Information Science

IFIP: International Federation on Information Processing (



2010 - present

2010 - present

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