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Membership, Social Activity

I'm very much eager to do volunteer work in order to make jobs for different local and international IT professional communities, to spread information culture, to give opportunities for having information about the newest technologies. To fulfill this internal pressure I joined to several professional bodies where I am not only a member of them but I also undertake positions.  My most remarkable memberships and positions:

  • Chair of the SEFBIS Professional Community (Scientific and Educational Forum for Business Information Systems)

  • Vice chair of the Working Group on Enterprise Information Systems (IFIP TC8 WG 8.9)

  • President of the County Organization of John v. Neumann Computer Society

  • Chief Editor of the SEFBIS and GIKOF Journals (these journals publish scientific papers of SEFBIS/GIKOF community)

  • Member of OTUG (Object Technology User's Group)

  • Member of the Association for Operation Research

  • Leader of some Special Boards with topics of IE Development Methodology, Software and IT Technology, Object-oriented Analysis and Design, Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Component Modeling and Modeling Languages

  • Organizer, leader and mentor of Students' Scientific Research Activity (the Research Activity is accessible only in Hungarian )}

  • Member of VEAB Academic Board

  • Member of OTUG (Object Technology User's Group)

  • Member/chair of different Congress' & Conference's  International Program Committees (IFIP, IRMA, CONFENIS, ISBIS, SM, IDIMT etc.)

  • President of Advisory Board of the Foundation Alexander

  • Former Councillor of IFIP  (International Federation on Information Processing)

  • Former Honorary Secretary of IFIP Federation

  • Former Vice President of John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT)

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