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SEFBIS, the Special Interest Group of JvN CS

Statutory Meeting

In autumn 2001 the members of the JvN CS involved in business information science decided to form a special professional community. The founders expressed their will for giving opportunity in form of public forum or those IT professionals who make research, development and even education in the field of business information science. Beside the strategical objectives there have been formulated several ideas to discuss the newest results, such as to organize forums, conferences, to publish journals etc. 


Main Programs Performed

2023:  Published books:

                  1. GIKOF Journal  No. 13/2023

                  2. SEFBIS Journal No. 15/2023

            19th OGIK Conference at Pécs University  of Sciences (Pécs)

2022:  18th OGIK Conference at Budapest University of Economy (Salgótarján)

2021:  Published books:

                  1. Conference Program with abstracts

                  2. 20 Years of SEFBIS Community - historical overview

                  3. GIKOF Journal  No. 12/2021

                  4. SEFBIS Journal No. 14/2021

           17th OGIK Conference at Pannon University (Veszprém)

2020:  Covid-19 Pandemic, an inactive year of the SEFBIS Community  

2019:  Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 13/2019; 

           16th OGIK Conference at Milton Friedman University (8-9 November 2019)

2018:  Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 12/2018 and GIKOF Journal Vol 11/2018

           15th OGIK Conference at Sopron University (10-11 November 2018)

2017: Workshop: "Big Data and IoT "

           Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 11/2017

           14th OGIK Conference at Sopron University

2016: Workshop in Paks: "ICT in Nuclear Industry"

           Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 10/2016.

           OGIK Conference at Dunaújváros University

2015: OGIK Conference in Veszprem at Pannon University;

           Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 10/2015.

2014  OGIK Conference in Budapest at Corviinus University;

           Published GIKOF Journal Vol 10 and SEFBIS Journal Vol 9.

2013  the 10th Jubilee conference (ISBIS/OGIK)) in Győr at Széchenyi University; 

           decision about the conference's future: hthe SEFBIS will organize

           its conference yearly in another city of Hungary

           Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 8.


2012  ISBIS/OGIK International Conference in Győr at Széchenyi University; 

           Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 7.

2011  ISBIS/OGIK International Conference in Győr at Széchenyi University

           Published GIKOF Journal Vol 9.

2010  ISBIS/OGIK International Conference in Pecs at University of Sciences

           Published GIKOF Journal Vol 8.

2009  CONFENIS International Conference in Győr, Fabulus Hotel

           OGIK Conference in Győr 

           CONFENIS Proceedings, GIKOF Journal Vol 7., SEFBIS Journal Vol 4.

2008  Special track at the IF Conference in Debrecen

           Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 3. and  GIKOF Journal Vol 6.

2007  ISBIS/OGIK Conference in Győr at Széchenyi University

           Published SEFBIS Journal Vol 2.

2006  ISBIS/OGIK International Conference in Győr at Széchenyi University

           launching the first journal in English, the SEFBIS Journal 1.

2005  launching the first international conference, the ISBIS (Győr)

           Published GIKOF Journal Vol 5.

2004  OGIK conference in Győr on hill at the Hotel Conference

           Published the GIKOF Journal Vol 4.

2003  launching the 1st OGIK conference in Győr on hill at the Hotel Conference

           Published GIKOF Journal Vol 3.

2002  Published the first volumes of the GIKOF Journal Vol 1. and  Vol 2.

2001  Foundation of GIKOF/SEFBIS:

           Scientific and Educational Forum on Business Information Systems

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